James - On the Rocks
James - Frozen Ice
James - Three Trees

A Canadian landscape artist, James graduated from The Ontario College of Art, but found his subject matter a great distance from the concrete. 

Drawn to the beauty of untouched nature, particularly in its pristine state free from human intervention, he believes there's an abundance of beauty in the world that many fail to experience amidst the urban sprawl of cities. 

Through his art, he endeavors to bring the raw and natural allure of the outdoors indoors for everyone to enjoy. Painting primarily in oil throughout the seasons, he often begins with plein air sketches and refines them into larger studio works. He finds joy in the diverse and challenging landscapes of Ontario's Haliburton Highlands and throughout Canada, exploring remote locations along hiking trails and canoe routes, near waterfalls, granite outcroppings, and forest interiors. 

Nothing tops the thrill of discovering the next painting, as he considers each piece an opportunity to capture and convey his experiences. Painting nearly every day, he expresses his emotions, observations, and inspirations through his art, finding the Canadian landscape to be an endless wellspring of creativity.

James - Morning Rush
James - Kayakers Point
James - And the Sun Came Out
James - Come on Sunshine
James - Serenity
James - Mid-Summer Day
James - Another Day of Smoke
James - Morning Fog