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Art Blast

Vanya Ryan and Rob Croxford

September 1 - September 27, 2023

Sunflowers Glory
Butterfly Heart
Vanya Ryan



Vanya Ryan completed Art School in her twenties, then worked as a Graphic Designer for a few years, then decided to pursue her passion of fine art.

She enrolled in fine art workshops as well as mixed media and acrylic painting, and then proceeded to learn, grow and explore her love of painting as she pursued her professional art career.

Vanya enjoys working as a full time artist, near her home town of Guelph Ontario. Her discipline is focused on Acrylic and Mixed Media on Stretched Canvas.

Though she loves to create whatever her inspirational mood demands of her, Vanya is presently focused on the details, of light, shadows and colours of her favorite florals. With her garden flowers as the inspiration, she loves to create larger than life canvases, choosing one or two flowers as the focus of the painting.

Vanya also continues to create paintings derived from her imagination, delving into thoughts, ideas, images and dreams then creating, often on a textured canvas. Well known as her “Introspective” series. Vanya is inspired to create these, thoughtful works with a sense of peace and harmony.

As an artist, who sells her work locally and internationally, Vanya looks forward to continuing her love of painting, for many years to come.

Rob Croxford

Moose Proud, by Charles Pachter

Show your pride with a limited edition print by one of Canada’s leading contemporary artists. Each print is framed, signed and numbered.

Moose Proud, by Charles Pachter

Moose Plunge, by Charles Pachter

The sculpture outside the gallery is by renowned Canadian artist Charles Pachter.

The sculpture, called Moose Plunge, is made of aluminum.

For purchase questions, please contact us.

2023 Schedule

May 20 – June 19

Beyond Tradition
David McClyment, Alyssa King, Carol Forbes


June 21 – July 13

Landscapes from a Woman’s Perspective
Susan Hay, Wendy Wood, Ashley Toner


July 14 – August 10

2 Part Harmony
Blady & Van Mil


August 11 – August 31

Into the Woods
Byron Hodgins

Ponds and Other Things
Barbara Hart


Sep 1 – Sep 27

Art Blast
Rob Croxford, Vanya Ryan

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Founded in 2020 at Haliburton Village's historic Lucas House, the Corner Gallery showcases works by Ontario artists, with a focus on abstraction and modern Canadian landscapes. The Corner Gallery provides a space for works demonstrating traditional methods and skills that help us see the world around us in innovative and provocative ways. Most of our exhibitions are paintings, with occasional shows featuring photography and other media where the subject matter and execution allow.

A Haliburton Landmark

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Built in 1907 as a residence, Lucas House was the first house in the area to have gas lighting and modern plumbing. Over the years it's had several lives: as a rooming house, a real estate office, an antique store, and now home to the Corner Gallery, The Highlander Newspaper, a law office and artist studio.

Since purchasing the property in 2019, we have been repairing and upgrading the building for energy efficiency, safety and comfort, while slowly restoring its stately presence on Maple Avenue. Most of the exterior work will be completed by the end of 2022, with the final step being the re-wilding of the property with native plants to support the natural environment. In 2023 we will continue with interior upgrades to improve the building's functions as an event space, gallery and office.

We are grateful for the assistance of the Government of Canada through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario in helping us to bring one of Haliburton County's most beautiful and historic buildings back to life.

Government of Canada


The Corner Gallery's mission is to

Create interest in art by showing works that emotionally connect with or intellectually challenge the public.


Lead the growing recognition of Haliburton Village as a destination for fine art.


Provide a professional, supportive environment for Ontario artists to display and sell their works.


Be the centre of a community hub at Lucas House as it grows to include event space and demonstrations of innovative rural projects and businesses.


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